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By creating the “Add to Bag” CTA киров сайты визитки button, they have simplified the checkout process, giving users the ability to easily add items to their cart . Every ecommerce landing page (and really every page of your website) should be created with the goal of getting your user to take the next-most productive step.

Once a user has made it to a category or product page, they have essentially told you what they are interested in. Now that you’ve optimized the general landing page experience  across your website, it’s time to take it one step further.

Of course, it is neither feasible nor wise to try to create hyper-personalized landing page experiences for every individual arriving at your website. Instead, you should focus on the highest-value cohorts of your traffic. These are not only the ones you have invested your budget toward, but they are also the individuals you know you can motivate to take productive action with your business. As mentioned earlier, start by diving into your website analytics. Specifically look into your top traffic sources, not only from a traffic volume perspective but also from a revenue perspective. These sources typically include Email, Paid Search, Organic Search, and Direct, to name a few. Once you have pinpointed those top traffic sources, dig even deeper and look at the specific campaigns responsible.

Do those jumps in traffic arise from specific marketing emails or promotions?

Are they a result of cart abandonment ads on Facebook ?

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Are there specific search terms you have ads for that are just killing it for you? By sifting through all of these details, you’ll be able to get a clear understanding of which specific cohorts of traffic are the most valuable to your business.

If you are using an analytics solution like BigCommerce’s Insights, you can easily see reports that take this a step further.

Grow купить лендинг дешево Metrics That Matter Drive up to 25% more revenue with premium insights and get details on your store’s performance with built-in analytics.

Marketing Insights Reports In this section, you can dive into customer lifetime value by channel on day 1, 90 and 180. This will help you understand which channels (AdWords, Email, Facebook, etc.) drive the highest lifelong loyalty and repeat purchase rates.

Understanding where to put your ad dollars to drive consumers back to your product landing pages for purchase. Here is what the 90 day report looks like, and how you can download the data to further investigate.

Product Insights Reports Here, you can dive into which products (and subsequently product landing pages) are performing the best, and which need a little work.

This data is pulled based on individual product conversion rate data. So, if its a rock star product, it is likely a rock star landing page. Further, you can use this data with the Marketing Insights data to understand which products to market for the highest return on ad spend. Moreover, you can use these insights to see which products are bought together most often.

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This is a good indicator of what additional products to include on landing pages for upsell opportunities.

Customer Insights Reports With these reports, you купить лендинг дешево dive into various customer cohorts including: Best customers Customers at купить лендинг дешево Low AOV customers Customer lifetime value (30, 90, and 180 days) Customer lifetime value by product (day 1, 90 and 180) Best products for repeat purchase (By month) This data is helpful for understanding customer behavior on your site, which products drive loyalty and creating landing pages that best attract high AOV and full-price customers.

Most useful, however, is to use this data for retargeting on Facebook  to earn more “Best customers” using already known characteristics of that cohort. Once you have optimized landing pages and product pages, and you know who to target, you can begin to use behavioral marketing to really personalize every aspect of your site. When any visitor lands on your website, you should анкета на лендинг be able to detect a couple of лендинг наше портфолио things with the proper tagging and a behavioral marketing partner like BounceX : If it’s her first time onsite If she came through an ad and what type Which ad specifically and the content of that ad Since you’ve already identified your most valuable traffic-driving campaigns, you can target the individuals who come through those experiences with behavioral marketing tactics.

So now, when that new user clicks through your Facebook Lookalike ad and lands on your sandals product page for the first time, two things will occur simultaneously: She’ll likely remain onsite longer because your unique value propositions are clear She’ll understand that the sandals are on sale for a limited time only Both of these are a result of your on page optimizations.

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With behavioral marketing, you can add a third element to the optimization process.

Here’s the scenario: Knowing this shopper is a new prospect who has never purchased from you before, you know she’s going to need slightly more convincing before she agrees to purchase from you and likely won’t make the purchase in her first visit.

So, as she’s clicking through the product images and demonstrating clear interest, you respond to her behavior by offering her ‘Free Shipping’ when she enters her email address. Now, you’ve not only captured her information in case she abandons but you’ve also given her another reason to buy from you today. Executive Summary Every page on your website is should be optimized купить лендинг дешево perceived value and brand storytelling to drive conversion.

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However, there are critical differences between landing pages and product pages.

These differences have to do with attribution, and effectively measuring your ROAS and ROI for specific audience segments. Whether you are looking to drive net new customers or increase retention, landing pages are a silo-ed view into specific customer behavior and CRO that can help your grand grow far beyond $20,000,000 in annual revenue. It is how to make sure attribution at лендинг страница топ your brand is never convoluted.

Landing pages are how you ultimately build a brand from $5,000,000 to $20,000,000 and beyond. Maximize Top of Funnel Leads Relevance is going to be your key competitive advantage in 2018. Youre not going to be able to pull that off without becoming as 1:1 as possible in your communications with your top-of-funnel prospects. It all starts on-site by identifying your audience through opt-in campaigns. Join BounceX купить лендинг дешево BigCommerce as we guide you through how identification begins on your site and how to guide the customer journey to increase opt-ins. Were on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand. Mili is the Content Brand Manager at BounceX as well as's Executive Editor. When not orchestrating digital strategy she's most likely eating loaded купить лендинг дешево with her kitten Casper and pup Nymeria. Landing Page Design Predictions For 2018 Making predictions is a rather tough thing to do.

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However, dealing with the best cases of web and graphic design, DesignContest feels obligated to inform you about our observations as for the latest trends in web design. If you’re more than just familiar with landing page design.

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