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Their landing page creator can: Carry out A/B testing Customize content based on location and other criteria Image insertion and linking Add Calls-to-Action Create forms and other CTAs Build landing pages with fast loading times Integrate with (almost) all major tools and platforms Responsiveness Yes Hubspot has worked long and hard on making their landing pages responsive, and they have done a very good job at it.

The landing pages you create should adjust their адвоката сайт для визитка and layout to match the user’s screen and provide the ultimate experience. Customization Keep in mind that landing pages are designed to convert in one way or another. Creativity can play a huge role in getting those conversions. Hubspot Landing Pages are heavily customizable, so you can add forms, images, and other layouts that help your site. Analytics Yes With Landing Pages, you’ll be able to track your pages through Google Analytics. Moreover, you’ll also be able to collect your own stats through Hubspot’s dashboard. OptimizePress Based off of WordPress, OptimizePress allows you to create dedicated landing pages for different purposes.

The main difference is that with OptimizePress, you host the landing pages with your own hosting services.

However, this option works seamlessly with WordPress sites and even create a client portal for your customers to access delicate information. Hosting No You’ll need to host the landing page with your current provider. Optimization Features There are numerous optimization options available in OptimizePress, although it’s somewhat limited when compared to other tools on this list.

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Some of its features include: Premium blogging platform Real-time editing More than 30 templated to choose from The ability to create secure client and employee portals One of the biggest benefits of being WordPress-based is that this landing page builder is among the most customizable. Besides dedicated landing, you can create webinars, training, marketing, sales, and other special pages.

Not only this, but the ability to create a secure client сайт визитка для адвоката can be a huge plus, depending on the industry you’re in. Analytics Yes You can connect your OptimizePress landing pages to Google Analytics and other popular platforms depending on your preference.

LeadPages When it comes to value and quality, not many landing page builders can compare to LeadPages. Focusing on lead generation, this platform allows you to choose from more than 100 templates. And, as a huge заказать крутой лендинг пейдж bonus, you receive a substantial discount when choosing to pay annually.

LeadPages allows you to host landing pages on their servers or through your own provider. Optimization Features As for optimization, this platform is packed with features such as: Integrated ad builder A/B testing (not available for the basic level plan) SEO-optimized pages Integration with major сайт визитка для адвоката marketing platforms Custom forms Dedicated support Not only are their they responsive, but LeadPages landing pages are designed with conversions натяжные потолки сайт одностраничный сайт in mind.

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You can easily customize their content or select from an array of predefined options like LeadBoxes. If there is one area that LeadPages doesn’t quite live up to is customization. It features a somewhat rigid drag and drop builder. However, because you have access to the HTML code, the possibilities are endless as long as you know programming.

Analytics Yes WIth a set of internal analytics and the ability to connect to additional platforms, you’ll have all the numbers лендинг калининград you need to make the right moves. Thrive сайт визитка для адвоката Thrive offers a full toolbox designed to improve your website’s performance. Their landing page builder, called Thrive Architect, works as a WordPress plugin адвоката визитка сайт для allows you to build conversion optimized pages quickly. Thrive is a plugin, so all landing pages will be hosted on your current hosting provider. Optimization Features Thrive’s full toolbox features an array of optimization tools, such as: Headline optimizer Clever widgets Quiz creator A/B testing Allow for engagement via dynamic comments Despite the fact that it’s a plugin, Thrive Architect still allows you to build completely responsive websites. Because it’s built on WordPress and features an intuitive drag and drop option, you can customize every single detail of each landing page you create. Analytics Yes While Architect does not come with integrated analytics, you may purchase Thrive Optimize and start tracking your site’s performance.

And, you can still connect it to third-party analytics tools in case you don’t want to incur any additional fees.

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Lander Lander features hundreds of different templates you can choose from and allow integration with some of the most popular marketing tools available today. Hosting Yes Lander hosts all your landing pages for you, although you may also choose to use your own service provider.

Optimization Features As for optimization, Lander can help by: Drag and drop landing page builder Templates optimized for conversions and SEO A/B testing Social media integration Dynamic text replacement Like all others on this list, Lander allows you to build a responsive site that will behave differently according to the device it’s being accessed through.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from when choosing lander.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to customize thanks to their drop-and-drag interface, although it does not provide as many customization options as Unbounce or GetResponse.

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Analytics Yes While it doesnt offer its own statistical recordkeeping, Lander allows you to connect to Google Analytics in just a few clicks. Beaver Builder Beaver Builder is an awesome project by three tech heads in California.

Like others on this list, it operates as a WordPress plugin, so the backend is slightly different than other builders. However, it’s a superb landing page builder that сайт визитка для адвоката seamlessly with almost every single WordPress theme available.

Because it’s a plugin, you’ll have to host your landing pages on your current service.

Beaver Builder allows you to optimize different parts of your landing pages, but most of them are visual.

That being said, because it runs on WordPress, you should be able to optimize your pages at will, especially if you know basic coding. All Beaver Builder landing pages are responsive, so they are ideal regardless of the device being used. Like the optimization features, the WordPress base allows you to customize your landing pages as much as the rest of your website.

You can connect your Beaver Builder landing pages to Google Analytics and most other tracking methods. KickOffLabs KickOffLabs takes the landing page mantra and takes it to a whole other level. The company specializes in creating engaging content and dedicated pages that help improve conversions. Hosting Yes KickOffLabs allows you to store your landing pages on their super secure servers. Optimization Features From a growth-hacking point of view, KickOffLabs provides a quick, reliable platform to create mailing lists, launch email campaigns, and of course, create dedicated landing pages.

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Some of the optimization features include: Smart A/B testing Easy multi-platform сайт визитка для адвоката Connect your existing landing pages and manage them through your dashboard The templates available are all responsive, so don’t worry about having to create mobile versions of your page. Customization Like most others on this list, KickOffLabs can be easily customized, so you should be able to set it up exactly how you want. Analytics Yes You can choose between KickOffLabs’ tracking or simply connect it to Google Analytics to get an inside scoop on your traffic.

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