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With the Pre-designed Builder layouts, designing a landing page has визитки сайт been this fast and easy! Sample Landing Layouts: Responsive Retina Ready The theme design is completely fluid and responsive that displays визитки сайт on all devices and resolution.

Header Design Options We've added various header design options that'll give you more flexibility when customizing your page. These options allow you to hide certain elements, choose a background type and designs, and choose custom header text colors.

Check out the screenshot below to see some of the headers we've customized with the new header design options.

Portfolio Post Type Design your portfolio to make beautiful masonry image layouts using various image визитки сайт and arrangements.

Event Post Type Simple Event post type to promote tours, concerts, or any events in general.

It includes a Google map view of the location, the date and time of your event, and a link for visitors to buy tickets.

WooCommerce Support WooCommerce is a popular FREE plugin that allows интернет маркетинг лэндинг you to easily add a full eCommerce shop on your WordPress site.

We've designed the Landing theme to work seamlessly with WooCommerce. Our Shop landing page layout is an example on how you can showcase your products on your page. Mailchimp Integration Newsletter (mailing list) can be added using MailChimp, a popular service provider for sending newsletters.

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Mailchimp визитки сайт a free service which allows you to send up to 20, 000 subscribers for free (great for starters). Buy Now Standard $49 WordPress Theme Developer $69 Theme + Photoshop Files Photoshop file is the design mockup used by designers to create design customization of the theme. one free bonus theme 30 day money back guarantee use on unlimited sites one year of support and updates Switch Get 50% Off If you are currently using another theme, switch to Themify to get a 50% discount.

Standard Theme Features All themes are powered with the awesome Themify framework.

Below are some of the standard features included in every theme. Create any kind of layout with live preview on the frontend. It comes with many cool effects like parallax scrolling, background video, animations, and more! Quickly replicate your site like our demo setup (it is erasable). Style almost every element of the theme from header to footer. Just point and select, and see it live on the preview. The Easiest Way to визитки сайт Landing Pages for WordPress Setup in minutes — no coding or WordPress templates required.

If you want to create high-converting WordPress landing pages on your website, don’t settle for a clunky plugin with templates that are almost impossible to customize. The drag-and-drop Unbounce Builder lets you create any page that you can imagine, without any developers. It comes packed with conversion-optimizing tools like A/B testing, keyword insertion and popups.

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See the Drag Drop Builder in Action The Unbounce Builder makes it easy to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages for WordPress, no matter what your site looks like.

Every Unbounce landing page is responsive by default, so you can create the perfect experience for both desktop and mobile devices. 100+ Responsive Landing Page Templates Start with a mobile-responsive template and swap in your own images, colors and copy — or create something completely unique.

“ Instead of having to craft individual WordPress landing pages, we can use our favourite, dedicated landing page software that визитки сайт nicely with all major web platforms. ” How the Unbounce + WordPress Find the Unbounce landing page plugin in the Add New plugin section (left-hand toolbar!) of your WordPress account. After installing the plugin, select the Unbounce Pages plugin from your WordPress menu, then hit the Authorize button. A list of your Unbounce pages published to WordPress should now appear on your Installed Plugins screen!

“ It took me about 30 seconds to setup my Unbounce landing page with my WordPress site скопин сайт визитка URL. ” More Reliable and Powerful Than Building Directly in WordPress No Admin Access Necessary Once set up, anyone on your Unbounce account can publish landing pages to your WordPress domain without having to log into WordPress. Fast Loading, Reliable Uptime Unbounce pages are hosted across our 4 worldwide data centers, so they always load fast — even if your WordPress site is down.

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Integrates with Marketing Tools Send your Unbounce landing page leads to MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, and other tools marketers love. More Relevant Messaging With Dynamic Text Replacement (also referred to as Dynamic Keyword Insertion or DKI), you can automatically change your landing pages copy based on the ad clicked. Great for increasing relevance without creating multiple pages. A/B Testing Center Duplicate your page, change whatever you want to test, and split traffic across the two variants to find the highest-converting “champion.” The A/B testing center will keep you up to date with how your variants are performing.

Targeted Popups and Sticky Bars Across Your Site Use the Unbounce Builder to create popups and sticky bars that pop up at the perfect moment.

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Choose which pages they appear on, what types of users see them, and when they appear.

Support Homepage Pages Landing Pages Landing pages are pages with a single purpose: encouraging your visitors to sign up for a service, buy a product, or join a mailing list, as examples. You can use WordPress.com to create a landing page by creating a one-page website with a static front page. Activate a Theme Browse our available themes to find a good candidate for your landing page.

To activate a theme, go to My Sites   >   Themes in any site’s dashboard or the Theme Showcase. Use the one-page filter to show themes that work well for landing pages. Click on the three dots to визитки сайт right of the theme’s name and then click on Activate .

Delete Extra Content If you activated a theme that provides placeholder content, remove the pages and posts you wont use. Click on  My Sites   >   Pages  and click on the three dots next to each page to reveal more options. The little house icon identifies which page you have set as your homepage. Next, click on  My Sites   >   Posts  and then click on Trash for the posts you want to remove. If you only want a single landing page you can remove all of the posts. click on the three dots next to your homepage and on Edit. where you can add text, media, embeds, contact forms, or any other content for your page. Under Page Attributes on the left, set the page template. Depending on your theme, this might be called a Full-width template, Home template, or Front Page template.

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When youve added all of your content, review it to make sure everything is ready, then click Update to publish your changes. Set a Static Homepage Next, well set this Home page as the front page of your site. To do that, launch the Site Customizer and click on the Homepage Settings tab. Select the A static page option, then choose your new page from the Homepage drop down. The preview window will display your newly selected page as the front page of your site. Edit your Site's Look In the визитки сайт, you can also edit your sites Logo, Site Identity, and Fonts.

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