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Typical campaign type: Re-Targeting Campaigns The Strategy With Facebook Dynamic Ads, make it easy on yourself and send those folks back to product pages for similar products. Use landing pages in this segment to drive home positive sentiment after purchase. Or a particular story about a customer who used your product for something really cool? Share those stories on landing pages to turn traffic that browsed to traffic that bought.

The goal here is to drive to заказать разработку лендинга на through social or other customer proof points which are shown to increase заказать разработку лендинга на trust in your brand and solidify conversions. You’ll be doing this simultaneously with Dynamic Retargeting Ads.

Note: You do not have to do this with all products. Test it out with products you know drive high customer lifetime value and customer loyalty first. How to find this audience Within Facebook, re-target those who clicked-through specific куртеев лэндинг ads with relevant landing page content.

Set up that landing page using either a BigCommerce webpage or an app like ShoGun . Use landing pages to upsell additional, related products or bundles to either заказать разработку лендинга на the sales at a higher price, or have the customer buying again. And second, to ideally close the sale with a higher average order value. Look заказать разработку лендинга на your top performing products and see what you could bundle those with across your site. Then, create a landing page promoting those bundles specifically to audiences who have abandoned cart. This is a great way to avoid discount promotions after cart abandonment and grow top-live revenue sale-by-sale.

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How to find this audience Go to your View But Did Not Purchase report in BigCommerce and download the emails. Find which of the products within the list are most abandoned – or you can see that in this specific report in BigCommerce Insights. Create a bundle to increase final checkout appeal for the product.

Use the following report in BigCommerce Insights to see which products folks buy most often with other ones. Chances are, those two would make a really great bundle. Typical campaign type: Re-engagement, LTV, retention campaigns The Strategy Re-engagement campaigns are targeted at increasing customer lifetime loyalty (LTV) and repeat purchases (retention). Make customers feel special by offering them first access to new products, campaigns and collections before the rest of the world.

You do this by creating an un-indexed landing page. Maximize Top of Funnel Leads Relevance is going to be your key competitive advantage in 2018.

Youre not going to be able to pull that off without becoming as 1:1 as possible in your communications with your top-of-funnel prospects.

It all starts on-site by identifying your audience through opt-in campaigns. Join BounceX and BigCommerce as we guide you through how identification begins on your site and how to guide the customer journey to increase opt-ins. How to find this audience Either use your entire customer list, or section out your VIP customers from your BigCommerce Insights report. This счетчик времени на лендинг is the same audience you used for your Facebook Lookalike Campaign above. Download заказать разработку лендинга на emails and give them a specific customer group in which only they can see specific products.

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Now, launch a landing page using either built-in webpages and the BigCommerce Buy Button or an app like ShoGun to showcase the products. 4 Key Elements Every Page on Your Site Must Have Every landing page you build will be hyper-personalized for the audience who sees it.

But, every audience is influenced by many of the same things, including: Context. This is true for product pages as well (even category pages!). Every page you build on your site needs to do these 4 things incredibly well. In a world where every consumer has an infinite number of options for nearly any given product at their fingertips — where Forbes  whispers of the death of loyalty — ensuring that your visitors understand why they should buy from your brand is crucial.

Unfortunately, that undeniable value that sets your brand apart from the rest is very rarely clear outside of the homepage or the About Us page. The problem here isn’t actually with the template, but with what most ecommerce retailers do (or don’t do) with that template.

Think about the ремонт квартир лендинг москва new visitor engaging with a Facebook Lookalike product ad for sandals. She clicks through the ad and lands directly on a product page that probably looks similar to the templated one above.

She sees the sandals, they’re cute, but she could probably get similar ones on Amazon for a cheaper price.

And finally, she заказать разработку лендинга на back and continues browsing Facebook. What wasn’t clear to this new user when she landed on the product page was all the details that would have likely motivated her to engage further: An expiring promotion on sandals or free shipping, returns, and exchanges Or the fact that for every pair purchased, another pair is donated to a woman in need In other words, since the home page is no longer the sole landing page, it is up to you to ensure every page on your website resonates with value.

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Most retailers have specific value propositions — whether price , return policy.

Those elements are a part of your business for a reason, why not share them with your consumers, especially if they will drive value for your business in return. Here are a few examples of product pages (which can easily be turned into landing pages!) that include valuable information typically on Homepage or About Us pages – from the headline right through the details — and how these retailers weave in those storylines. Examples of the best ecommerce landing pages This one is a bit more traditional, but still follows similar rules of visibility to show consumers the value in buying with them. You have roughly 3 seconds the capture a visitor’s attention.

So, with this in mind, it is crucial to ensure that on every landing page, a consumer can answer the following questions within 3 seconds: Who you are and what do you do Why you are of value or of interest to them What they should do next Let’s look back at that templated product page we saw earlier.

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Now, step back, close your eyes, and open them for 3-seconds. I can’t — and not just because this is a templated page. Per #1, we are already working on ensuring who you are and your value is reflected across every page. In the above image, that next step is lost in plethora of page distractions.

Even the add to cart button is barely visible at the bottom of the page. This type of convoluted landing page design is not conducive to seamlessly making a purchase. My eyes even have to move down the page to see the discounted price, and the discount itself is tiny! Additionally, while the product image is large and clear, I don’t really understand the associated labels. If it’s “HOT” because of the price, shouldn’t that great discount be reflected prominently?

When it comes to making the purchase decision, consumers are flooded with hesitations: Do I really need it? (queue social proof) It is up to the landing page to alleviate those hesitations. On product pages, this means ensuring clear product images  along with prominent CTAs  and easily understood value propositions.

We haven’t hit on category pages too much in this post, but let me reiterate, these tips are for every page on your site. So, on category pages, this means making sure your product images are clear as shoppers scroll through in addition to ensuring customers understand the product offerings. In this example, while scrolling through the category page, a few things are immediately clear: Value: Free Sample Free Shipping and Returns Product: Large, clear product images Product Options: the “more shades” tags give interested users another reason to click Next Step: persistent “Add to Bag CTA” The заказать разработку лендинга на took the idea of motivating the user to take action to the next step.

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